Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pilot Namiki Falcon SF Nib

Looks a bit like Mont Blanc Meisterstück
Hooded nib that gives you feedback.  You can definitely feel the bounciness!

Profile view.  She is a beauty.
Front and back


  1. I am too excited to read this review. So I will go home, have rest, take a cup of tea and read it all.


    1. It is such an honor that this piece will be your tea time reading. I hope it is enjoyable and helpful!

    2. Dear Shangching,

      Thank you for such a great review! I am a tea addict and this is really my precious time and never regret to dedicate it to your blog.

      First of all, I have to say, photos are great. I like Falcon's nib and I liked it much more after I read your review.

      Now my only problem is to decide SF or SM. As far as I see from your writing sample, it is a juicy wet fine and not as fine as Pilot 78G Fine. However, Brian Goulet in this post ( says, Medium is his favorite.

    3. It is definitely not as fine as Sailor or Platinum, but it is also a very wet pen (since it is a flex) for a fine nib. If my supposition is right, you seem to prefer larger nibs. I would say go for the SM, so you will have the wetness and the width.

      It is very exciting to hear that there are tea lovers around me! My dad is a professional tea maker and I am usually the odd one who sticks out, since I really enjoy tea much more than coffee.

    4. You should be suffering in America since (though I have never been in USA) like everybody is addicted to tea. I like tea! Black tea, green tea, fruit tea, herbs and everything.

      Yes I do prefer broad or medium over fine nibs since I feel like I don't have enough ink and enough color with finer nibs.

    5. Hehe.. I am lucky that my family send me tea regularly, so I won't suffer too often. There are also Asian markets where I can get other variety of tea. Geimai-cha is one of them.

      I use Caran d'Ache with my Sailor High NeoAce, and it works beautifully. I think it really depends on how much ink shades. Sailor does not have much shading, but it is very saturated and smooth flowing. It sometime takes a leap of faith to try out finer nibs. I think it makes one's writing more delicate looking.