Friday, November 9, 2012

Follow up on R&K Verdigris and a little paper experiment

As I mentioned here, R&K Verdigris is a great color, but it also gives me a bit of a headache.  It feathers very easily, while most people have no problem with it.  Recently, Zeynep of Write to Me Often felt a bit frustrated with her newly acquired Falcon with Verdigris combination, so I decided to conduct a "scientific" experiment with the same ink/ pen combination (probably the most scientific I can ever be).

Here is the result:
On normal 20-lbs printer paper
The feathering and bleedthrough is entirely expected.
Rhodia multicolor paper
Each letter has a bit of fuzzy outline, and some bleedthrough on the back of the paper.
On Miquelrius grid-rule notebook
Overall, the paper holds up well.  Feathering and bleedthrough only appears at the flexed part.

On a Rhodia No. 19 pad.  Some feathering and bleedthrough.

On Tsubame notebook.  Very little feathering on certain part of the lettering, but bleedthrough is prominent.  

On Apica notebook. No bleedthrough and feathering.

On Rhodia dotPad.  Works beautifully without any feathering

On Clairefontaine Collection 1951 notebook.  Match made in heaven.
 This post does not mean to put down any of the paper used above.  The "fun" in fountain pen is to find the right ink/pen/paper combination.  Some paper, though heavy in weight, still feather when in contact with fountain pen ink because of their coating.  Sometime, it could be minor irregularities with different batches.  Some fountain pen users theorize that even climate will affect the way paper interact with the ink.  When using a wet or flex pen like Falcon, it is particularly rewarding to see ink pools on the surface of the paper without any feathering and bleedthrough.  It is evident that many variables come into play when one uses fountain pen, but this discovery process itself is fun and fulfilling, in my opinion.

Have you make any new discovery with ink and paper recently?


  1. Dear Shangching,

    thank you for your great scientific review. It is actually great for showing us about the difference between the papers.

    1. I had a lot of fun doing this posting because I literally had all types of paper spread on my desk. I hope your Verdigris/Falcon combination no longer vexes you and that you start to enjoy a great pen!

  2. I think part of the charm of fountain pens and inks is finding the perfect paper to write on. A bit masochistic fun, because it CAN be very frustrating (specially when one doesn't have much access to quality paper). But yeah :)

    Thank you so much for embarking on the journey to find the perfect paper for this combination of pen and ink, now others know what to expect from it :)

    1. I love how you coin the term "masochistic fun" to describe the process. In truth, it is a bit torturous. So why not just stick with gel pens and get it over with? It is particularly rewarding to find that right combination, though Rhodia and Clairefontaine usually hit it right on.
      Let me know if you are interested in any of those paper that I used. I know it is harder for you to find products at home :)