Monday, January 28, 2013

Lindauer Purple



lindauer 1

lindauer 2


  1. What a lovely -and exclusive- little pot of ink! The color looks vibrant, yet not overly bright. A beautiful purple. Thanks for sharing it with us~ :)

    1. The color is more a violet to my eyes than purple, but like you say, it is not blindingly bright. Too bad I cannot find any retailers who carry this brand, I would love to try other colors in the series!

    2. I have this ink (arrived three days ago), and I must admit it is a gorgeous shade of purple. But...
      Has anyone else noticed that the 30ml bottle and cap of Lindauer ink is in fact exactly the same as a Pelikan 30ml bottle and cap without the Pelikan Logo? I can't see the difference between this ink and Edelstein Sapphire - so, if Pelikan only have an Edelstein Orange, not a Pelikan 4001 orange, and Lindauer have an orange in a Pelikan bottle -is this a 'find'?
      Edelstein inks in a Pelikan bottle, relabelled as Lindauer? At a third of the cost?
      Should we should dig deeper?
      Just a thought.
      I'll get my coat.

    3. Hi Jeff, thank you for bringing up such an interesting question. Since I have larger Pelikan ink bottles, I did not make a possible connection between Pelikan and Lindauer. With that said, have you seen the blue ink by Lindauer? To my eyes, that is closer in shade to Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire. FPGeeks did a review on it, as seen here:
      I am very much interested in this investigative work, but unfortunately, ink bottles are not listed on Lindauer's site (if I recall correctly) and I got the ink by way of a friend. Do you mind letting me know where you get the ink? I do have Pelikan Edelstein Orange that I can offer as a comparison :)

  2. I'm not sure wether this is still relevant, but you can get the ink on German ebay: